Green Building Education – The Time for Change is Now

Turning Over a New Leaf
Green building education is a term that may still not be widely known in the general community, but it is a hot topic in the builder's world and grows stronger by the day. While traditional methods of building structures have served us well over these last decades, we are beginning to see the negative impact that they are having on our environment as well as our pocketbooks. Today's intelligent builder is recognizing the advantages of shaking off their previous practices in favour of something a little more ecologically savvy. Becoming a green builder actually doesn't take a lot of effort, just the proper venue from which to learn which practices are helpful to the environment.
Set a New Standard in Your Community
One of the most highly regarded and recommended steps in becoming a green building industry professional is obtaining a membership with the Canada Green Building Council, or CaGBC. This long-standing group of environmental experts have opened their doors to those who wish to learn to be better educated about the benefits and best practices of building green.
The CaGBC offers a number of introductory workshops and courses to teach beginners the ways of the green builder. Green building education is not only learned but lived, and these courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. This acknowledgement is not only important to your company as a re-enforcement to understanding environmentally safe practices for the creation of new structures, but makes a bold statement to the community at large that you are committed a healthier future. This type of affirmation for the planet is quickly becoming a trend that consumers are looking for, and ensures your place in this brave new building world of tomorrow.

Working with the CaGBC
Earning and maintaining your education credentials is an important part of one's career management, but like with all education the facts are constantly being revised and perfected. That is one of the reasons a membership with the Canada Green Building Council is so beneficial. Group workshops and discussion educate members on the current trends and new breakthroughs, while giving members the ability to make their concerns or improvement ideas heard.

This type of networking is vitally important not only for the environment but for all business owners looking to provide sustainable building designs to their consumers as it helps re-enforce the practices as well as joining together in a sort of global partnership, assisting each other in achieving the most desirable results but at the lowest cost to your brand.

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